7 Forgotten RV Rental Must Haves

RV vacations are awesomely fun and always an adventure. When embarking on this most delightful trip, what though, could be a forgotten item that you wish you had brought? We’ll help you explore some frequently needed, but often overlooked accoutrements you’ll definitely need. So to find those forgotten RV rental must haves, let’s get going!     1)  MORE POWER! Phones, tablets, fitness/health watches and other electronic helpers are part of our daily lives now and RV vacations are no different. They all need power. Remember to bring cables, chargers and battery packs. Bring at least one cable per device. Extra charging cables might be the most forgotten RV rental must have!     2) The whole family is going to be curious about your adventure, so getting great pictures is essential. If your phone has a great high megapixel camera, you’re all set. Otherwise there are many low-cost adventure cameras available on Amazon that get really great photos and video. Click here to see the rest! [https://www.northatlantarvrentals.com/rv/7-forgotten-rv-rental-must-haves/] We hope you have the best RV rental experience ever. If you have other suggestions, let us know we would love to hear from you!